Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Microsoft planning to launch latest mobile phones against Google's Android One

Microsoft smartphone Lumia range of devices for sale in an exclusive partnership with e-com players do not have any plans.
Micromax, Karbonn and Spice - Three Indian device manufacturers back in a few weeks with a pure Google, Android experience to offer low-cost devices, Android is a smartphone launched. The move to the front of Google, Microsoft Windows-based smartphone devices affordable too soon plans to launch a couple.

Ajey Mehta, Managing Director, Nokia India, Microsoft's mobile subsidiary, "we, Android is available in a very affordable price segment that is focused on launching more and more latest mobile phones."

Although they did not share any timeline, her devices available "very soon" and will be "affordable range of smartphone customers will not disappoint in terms of rich application experience and the hardware is".

"We cannot begin until the date that all of the Lumia range of smartphones, so the camera, design, music and the like have something unique to them and we will continue our tradition of affordable smartphones," he added.

Indian player to launch Windows-based devices, such as the Asus OEM's in India a couple of smartphones based on the Windows operating system has started and they are helping to further strengthen the Windows Mobile Phone ecosystem, "said. More the player, the enhanced it is the ecology. "

Ajey on smartphone sales distribution network for our exclusive online partnership with e-com players do not believe in having, "he said. We now see as the e-com platform in a way that complements and there should be a physical distribution network between the two channels at least conflict. We have reached the maximum number of customers that want our product to be made available across all channels. "