Monday, 6 October 2014

Latest Tech News - Netflix’s New Search Experience

Latest Tech News, Last month, Netflix website users quick access to titles and artists to "Instant Search" tool, including its website, which launched a new search experience.

Over the weekend, the company's new search experience for mobile phones and tablets announced. They already, Android devices began rolling out, and an iPhone update will follow.

The company said in-a-blog-post, "The key feature detection on mobile phone and tablet-devices, and many of our members ... with the update while on the go in search of their evening entertainment program for use, we find great content for our members to quickly scan search results, allowing for a visual representation of search results for mobile and tablet devices brings style. The concept of pre-game consoles, smart TVs, and has proven to be successful on the website. "

The new look of the cover art in a grid represents the results. The company reduces the cognitive load, and users are looking to make it easier to find. You cover the tape and add to your list, start playing it, or you can use Chromecast or airplane.

"Finally the rollout actors, directors, and producers by enabling members to find the search function on the iPhone expands," Netflix said. "We are now members of the Netflix catalog more easily allow you to explore the contents of the query, the relevant instructions."

Netflix has announced a new desktop experience, it ", Netflix" and Netflix's original title for the invention include the ability to load. This also works on new mobile experience.