Thursday, 2 October 2014

Latest Tech News - Microsoft Make Public Windows 10 Preview

Latest Tech News - Tuesday was Microsoft Windows 10. PC on October 1st for the "early technical preview" will be available.

With this release, Microsoft devices and collaboration across the enterprise for compatibility with the advancements of light. It is the consistency of delivery to the Xbox, PC, phones, tablets, and other "small gadgets" to adopt.

"Windows 10 ever worldwide enterprise datacenters is a wide range of devices from the Internet of Things," the company says. "Microsoft also on all devices with an integrated application store for developers to deliver converged application platform. Developers to write an application once and searching, buying, making and updating easier than ever for customers, across multiple device types will be able to easily deploy. "

"Windows 10 clients work, play and connect in new ways to unlock new experiences, a whole new generation of Windows review and represents the first step," Terry Myerson, Microsoft's operating systems at the group's executive vice president said. "This is our most widely used operating system and Microsoft's best release ever for our business customers, and next month we bring to life our extensive Windows 10, Windows community to work together to look forward to.”

The company also "enterprise-grade" security, identity and data protection features and touts.

"The management and deployment of device wipe and reload scenarios focused on making obsolete the Windows 7 or Windows 8, including the low cost of the improvements, which have been easy to help," Microsoft have to say. "Even businesses that they continue to adopt the latest innovations and performance improvements have the flexibility to choose how quickly. Additionally, organizations specific to their needs and the environment will be able to customize the app store. These objectives volume licensing application, which allows for flexible distribution an app store, and reclaim or reuse the required license capacity for organizations. "

The operating range of the Start menu:
Desktop - applications, and applications from the Windows - Store to open in the same format, resize, and can be moved around:
He snapped at the same screen and a new quadrant layout with four applications to enable instant updates is made.

Quick switching and one-touch access to all open applications and files, enabling a view to see a new task button.
It as well features multiple-desktops. Added on the features here.

Image From:- Microsoft